Sunday, 8 March 2015


"Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, A nation turns its lonely eyes to you"
 The current apathy that Millennials, and to be honest, most of us have towards politics today cannot be overstated.  Voter turnout has dropped like a lead balloon over the past few decades and our "leaders" have never been more out of touch with reality and less befitting of the title.  In times like these, with the world powers slowly and surely beating the drums of war, central banks offering negative interest rates, global terrorism and Miley Cyrus, we need a steady hand on the wheel.  True leaders, not the pencil necked, corporate-speaking intellectuals that go on TV and tell us they have everything under control in Orwellian-doublespeak. 

 The days of the Dwight D. Eisenhower's and the JFK's are over, with vision and real leadership qualities as rare as a Dodo bird in the capitols of the world.  The fact that Americans gleefully voted in Uncle Barry in 2008 signified style over substance politics are now the norm and saw, in this writer's single-malt soaked opinion, the first celebrity president.  For someone who's job description might best be described as the most upper of managements, he was woefully inexperienced for the task and, quite frankly, it is showing.  The talent pool of corporate puppet J.D's who want nothing more than to live off the taxpayer while padding their resumes for a post-political career of $200k per talk speeches and the even more lucrative world of lobbying has shown to be as deep as a frisbee.  Perhaps we need to look to the wide world of sport for battle tested leaders. 

 If Jesse "I ain't got time to bleed" Ventura and Arnold can be governors of their respective states, I see no reason why Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr cannot be the POTUS.  His is without peer in the star factor category, has the stunning good looks to attract voters of both sexes and has reigned supreme over the last 15 years in the NFL.  Every Sabbath for the last decade and half, he has lead violent brutes onto the field and in the chess match/ballet that is the NFL, has come out on top far more times than not.  His back story of overcoming the depth charts at Michigan to being overlooked by NFL scouts and becoming a 6th round, 199th pick overall has built him a legacy that Joe Sixpack Americans hold as their nation's mythos.  Tom Brady could not be more of an American Icon if he tried.  His stupidly attractive wife and perpetual striving for sport immortality put him a class occupied by few.  His brain is his most finely tuned weapon, trained to make snap decisions in fractions of a second, while simultaneously avoiding being crippled by highly skilled and vicious men who's very pay cheque depend on stopping him from achieving his goal of victory.  I see this translating very well into the realm of politics. 

 He is a strategic mastermind, with the ability to look into the abyss of despair and come away with the all important W.  In short, he is vastly more qualified to lead men than most.  And lead he does.  4 Super Bowl rings, a near perfect season and the silence of virtually all his critics round out his, shall we say, impressive resume.  No stranger to adversity, his surgically repaired knee and easy demeanour at pressers would no doubt make him any political party's top candidate.  From lanky 4th string backup to the GOAT, the Oval Office could very well be his destination long after he is unanimously voted into Canton.

If we are to have leaders, let us have real leaders.  

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  1. People currently don't give a flying fadoo about politics, and will bend over and take whatever the current gov't in power throws their way. Not being American, I'm not the best judge as to how 'Bama has done in his 7 years in office. At the very least though, he got certain factions of the American public interested in politics.

    You did a great job paralleling Tommy B's skill set with those of a successful public figure. He could convince Putin to hand Crimea over to the US of A.